Who we are.

Wahoo is a passionate, creative team brimming with advertising and marketing know-how, honed over decades of industry experience.

We aren’t afraid to innovate – in fact; it’s what we do best – as we strive to bring that ‘wahoo’ feeling and sense of achievement to your business. We love what we do and that always shines through and we still believe there’s nothing ‘old school’ about good old-fashioned service.

We’re very much face-to-face people. We love to catch up over a coffee and get to the heart of any campaign or project brief. Connectivity is in our nature and we’d rather that than hide behind a hierarchy of staff who don’t have the same vested interest in the success of your enterprise.

In fact most of our clients like the fact they get to deal with the owners of the business. They know their interests will be taken care of, and that they don’t need to repeatedly explain their needs and desired marketing outcomes.

Sure, you could say we’re a smaller agency – but big hearted. Or you could say we’re a lean, well-oiled team – a collective of like-minded people who thrive together and you’ll love working with.

Either way we think our size is just right. With our exceptional team and a trusted, well credentialed network of specialist talent there’s very little we can’t achieve – just try us!

what we do.

We make things happen. We listen carefully and think expansively and creatively. We work hard alongside you – and thrive on challenging the accepted and finding innovative solutions to elevate your business and your brand.


We’ve always been inspired by challenging the status quo. We love brave, bold ideas and clever design that excites our clients and makes it easy for them to connect with their market.



We position you in the right place, in front of the right people, at the right time. Our strategic thinking and careful planning will help you achieve outstanding value and attract the attention of the people you want to talk to.



We create digital campaigns that cut through, are rich with thoughtful content and that are designed to invite interaction by your clients. We love the connectivity of social media and the opportunities it creates to genuinely engage with your brand and convert into leads and sales.


Audio Visual

Nothing brings your brand personality to life like a professionally produced audio visual. We shine the light on your people and products and what sets your business apart from the crowd. It’s your story and we’ll make sure it’s brought to life and remembered.


Training & Development

We love sharing our knowledge to give you a winning edge. We help to grow and develop your team and to motivate them to achieve new levels of excellence through training that’s tailored just for them.


Pitch Partners

There’s an art to pitching, and we are ready to share our secrets with you and help you craft the perfect pitch.


our work.


We’re fanatical about enriching ourselves with information and sharing our knowledge with others.  So here it is, hot off the press, a collection of some of our favourite acquirements.

Wahoo’s New Favourite Colour is Creativity

15 July 2015
Just like orange is the new black for all of you Netflix fanatics, Wahoo’s new favourite colour is creativity...
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The Video Content Revolution

9 November 2015
By now you’ve probably heard that video is a bit of a ‘thing’ for the future of content marketing. But why, all of a sudden, has the video medium become so prevalent?
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Leadership for High Performing Teams

23 June 2015
It’s a saying that has been around a long time and yet every day that I am coaching business leaders I am reminded of it...
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The Importance of Digital Marketing

23 June 2015
Digital Marketing, I’m sure you’ve come across many acronyms, for example; CPC, CPA, CPM, CTR and the list goes on. Technology and Digital Media is evolving...
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Wahoo 5th Birthday Celebration

23 June 2015
If you missed Wahoo’s 5th Birthday Party, you’ll be behind the eight ball on the new running joke about ‘pre-rolls’. It was the pinnacle of Director...
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Meet the team.

Peter Norris
Director | Precisionist
Impeccable accuracy for outstanding results.
Janine McMillan
Director | Alchemist
Throw her a few harebrained ideas and she’ll transform it into the perfect elixir tailored to your business.
Janene Pitt
Client Service Manager | Juggler
She’ll jump through hoops to get a good result.
Brenda Riley
Account Executive | Stuntwoman
A small girl with big tricks.
Brooke Tardy
Senior Designer | Trailblazer
Brooke could make your mums old tea towel collection ‘cool’.

feeling the love.

Our clients are our lifeblood and it’s always nice to know the love swings both ways.

We’re proud of the work we do and the clients that we do it for. Give us a challenge and we’ll show you how we can deliver. Maybe it’s time for a fresh set of eyes (and ears) or maybe things aren’t going so well with your current agency? We love welcoming new faces at Wahoo so please get in touch – we’d love to talk.