Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN).

Audio Visual - Branding - Infographics - Marketing Collateral - Reports

In 2014, APMEN set out with a vision to refresh their brand identity to adopt a more contemporary and professional positioning and gain strong and unique global recognition.  This new brand and suite of marketing communications which Wahoo designed and developed has now gained strong recognition across the international Malaria Elimination Network. It now travels the globe with the APMEN team to showcase their exceptional work in Malaria elimination and aids in rallying support for their future endeavours.


Audio Visual - Employer Branding - Marketing Communications - Recruitment Advertising

One of the world’s largest global diversified natural resource companies and a major producer and marketer of more than 90 commodities, Glencore work closely with Wahoo to attract and retain high calibre talent and build a reputation as a leading employer. As their long term marketing partner and employer brand custodian, Wahoo is responsible for planning, developing, designing and managing all employment marketing communications. From recruitment advertising campaigns for the national commodities to employee marketing collateral and global corporate employment video content, Wahoo ensures all marketing material produced reflects and aligns with the key business values and priorities.

Deloitte Real Estate.

Advertising - Email Marketing - Professional Information Memorandums

Deloitte Real Estate partner with Wahoo to create campaign-specific marketing for their commercial and residential property clients.  Each project is planned and branded individually to encapsulate the relevant target demographic for the property location and price range.  The marketing communications include high-end, stylised information memorandums, electronic direct marketing campaigns and cut-through press advertising.

RE/MAX – ‘Make an Ad to Sell Your Pad’.

Digital - Local Area Marketing - Press - Radio - Social Media Promotion

The RE/MAX ‘Make an Ad to Sell Your Pad’ campaign was one of a kind.  This innovative and rewarding social media campaign invited home sellers to create light-hearted video content that demonstrated their most cherished memories and aspects of their homes.  The campaign reflected the genuine relationship RE/MAX shares with their clients and opened up an entertaining subject platform for ongoing dialogue with their online followers.  The social media promotion was supported by a multi-media advertising campaign incorporating online content, press, radio and local area marketing communications to drive online traffic and consumer engagement, build brand awareness and attract potential sellers.

RE/MAX – ‘Open House’.

Digital - Marketing Collateral - TVC

Continuing to build on the successful 2014 social media promotional campaign, Wahoo further elevated the RE/MAX brand in 2015 by expanding their reach to a broader market through subscriber television.  The rationale was to build emotional resonance and awareness of the RE/MAX brand and attract people looking to sell their homes by emphasising the attention to detail RE/MAX practice in preparing clients’ homes for inspection.  The TVC incorporated strategic placement on home and lifestyle channels and was run in conjunction with a comprehensive digital campaign including SEO, SEM and social media to drive engagement and conversion. Additional support was created through a suite of local area marketing communications provided to the national franchise network.

CVIAQ – Brisbane Truck Show.

Digital - Outdoor - Press - Radio - TVC

The bi-yearly Brisbane Truck Show is the biggest event to ever fill the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.  CVIAQ partners with Wahoo to market this significant event and ensure that each and every year is bigger and better than the last.  Wahoo undergoes an extensive research and planning process to develop an integrated marketing strategy and utilises long-standing media relationships to leverage the spend for optimal reach.  The multi-media campaign promotes the event across TV, radio, press and outdoor, targeting trucking enthusiasts all over Australia.  This year the event attracted a staggering 34,000 attendees.