23 June 2015

Wahoo 5th Birthday Celebration

If you missed Wahoo’s 5th Birthday Party, you’ll be behind the eight ball on the new running joke about ‘pre-rolls’. It was the pinnacle of Director Keith Twist’s thank you speech, as he attempted to drop some new digital ‘lingo’ he’s picked up along the journey. The entire room was in an eruption of laughter as he joked that the term did not mean what the average person would expect. Not to be outdone, Co-Director Janine McMillan followed this up with a surprise birthday performance featuring two sultry burlesque dancers and one very shocked Keith Twist as a guest performer.

Since this dynamic pair opened Wahoo’s doors in 2010, what started off as a small press agency has evolved into a full service, boutique hub for creative innovation and emerging digital trends and initiatives, and they have an impressive portfolio to show for it. But rest assured, one mantra they will never relinquish is their auspicious reputation for being a small agency with a big heart.

Hosted in the Martini Room at the Story Bridge Hotel, the celebration was a chance for the Wahoo team to applaud their work over the past five years and pay tribute to all of the clients, suppliers, media partners and past Wahoo’ers that have helped them achieve this significant milestone. And if there’s one thing Wahoo know how to do well, it’s how to put on a good party. Generally an anniversary celebrated with the gift of wood, for Wahoo it was all about feathers and fish nets.

Attendees were greeted like royalty with red carpet and cocktails on arrival, a mouth-watering banquet of lavish canapé’s and personalised photography by Tuba Media Productions. No detail was overlooked, it seemed the only thing missing was Brad McLeod’s name badge – this somehow got lost in transit (and we will never stop apologising, we love you Brad). But without question, the highlight of the night was the screening of the Wahoo show reel produced by their very talented Creative Director Simon and the awesome crew at Cutting Edge, showcasing some of the agency’s best work over the past five years and the launch of their new branding.

For seasoned party-goers, the celebrations continued well on into the night, but not to worry, I’m under strict instructions not to provide any details of that here. It was a party that has been five years in the making, and it was certainly well worth the wait. Happy Birthday Wahoo…here’s to the next 5 being even bigger and better!

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Wahoo 5th Birthday from Wahoo on Vimeo.



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