15 July 2015

Wahoo’s New Favourite Colour is Creativity

Just like orange is the new black for all of you Netflix fanatics, Wahoo’s new favourite colour is creativity.


Recently Wahoo called on some of their most talented industry specialists, packed up the office and headed to the mountains for some good old team bonding and strategic ‘future thinking’. The goal was to re-energise the team by conceptualising a clear vision that would elevate the business over the next five years.

Completely decked out in beanies and scarves branded with Wahoo’s new logo, we headed to Spicer’s Canopy Retreat for a night of ‘glamping’. The motley crew included the likes of Creative Director Simon Mathias, Digital Specialist Melita Francis, Training and Leadership coach Diana Stowers, media whizz Jaye Coley and of course all of the Wahoo regulars.

In a room brimming with intelligence and enthusiasm, situated in the picturesque Tregony Mountains, it was hard not to be inspired. But the message that echoed the loudest was one that derived from Albert Einstein’s famous quote ‘strive not to be a success, but rather be of value’ – it was finding ways to add value to our clients’ business. This is the ‘why’ that now lies at the heart of everything we do. So if you’re wondering what the next five years has in store for Wahoo, here is your spoiler alert:

For Wahoo, the next chapter is all about bold ideas, patchwork and Walt Disney. I realise this sounds like an odd mix and I promise you it’s not a result of too much of that fresh mountain air, let me give you some context. When Walt Disney finished mastering the art of animating shorts, he turned his attention to full-length feature films; and once he had mastered films he started investing his time in theme parks. It’s the art of being polymathic – building a team of vast and varied learning.

So what does this have to do with patchwork? Well for Wahoo creating patchwork is all about destroying patterns and uniformity. It’s the conscious effort we have made to replace habits with originality and our continual search to find new skills and technologies that complement our core strengths and add value to everything we do.

The best part about it is that being a smaller agency (but with a big heart) means we have the versatility to do this effectively. We have connections with the best in the business and can respond to any problem with a bespoke team of specialists determined to deliver the best solution. Whether it’s making yourself known in the digital sphere, devising an integrated and effective content marketing plan or pitching for that all important business you’ve been aiming for, Wahoo have the resources to engage with the right audience, drive traffic and most importantly convert leads into meaningful business transactions.

To put it simply, there’s very little we can’t achieve because we think big. Just try us!


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