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Who we are.

A passionate, creative team brimming with advertising and marketing know-how, honed over decades of industry experience is exactly who we are.

We aren’t afraid to innovate – in fact it’s what we do best as we strive to bring that ‘wahoo’ feeling and sense of achievement to your business. We love what we do and that always shines through and we still believe there’s nothing ‘old school’ about good old-fashioned service. That’s just who we are.

We’re very much face-to-face people. We love to catch up over a coffee and get to the heart of any campaign or project brief. Connectivity is in our nature and we’d rather that than hide behind a hierarchy of staff who don’t have the same vested interest in the success of your enterprise.

In fact most of our clients like the fact they get to deal with the owners of the business. They know their interests will be taken care of, and that they don’t need to repeatedly explain their needs and desired marketing outcomes.

Sure, you could say we’re a smaller agency – but big hearted. Or you could say we’re a lean, well-oiled team – a collective of like-minded people who thrive together and you’ll love working with.

Either way we think our size is just right. With our exceptional team and a trusted, well credentialed network of specialist talent there’s very little we can’t achieve – just try us!

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What we do.

We make things happen. We listen carefully and think expansively and creatively. We work hard alongside you and thrive on challenging the accepted to find innovative solutions that elevate your business and your brand – that’s just what we do.

What we do at Wahoo Advertising graphic design, copy writing and campaign development


We’ve always been inspired by challenging the status quo. We love brave, bold ideas and clever design that excites our clients and makes it easy for them to connect with their market.

What we do at Wahoo Advertising employer branding

Employer Branding

We offer quality end-to-end HR solutions with a core focus on Employer Branding. Employer Branding is the process of influencing the attitudes, behaviours and actions of both candidates and employees to better achieve organisational objectives. This involves creating a compelling story (visual identity and messaging) that enables people to understand the employment experience you have to offer, how you are different to your competitors and how quality candidates with the right attributes will fit right in to your organisation.

What we do at Wahoo Advertising website development


Creating visually enhanced, mobile responsive and SEO optimized websites designed to deliver a clear brand message and engage your audience is what we do.  Our web services include:

What we do at Wahoo Advertising media planning and buying

Media buying and planning

We position you in the right place, in front of the right people, at the right time. Our strategic thinking and careful planning is part of what we do and will help you achieve outstanding value and attract the attention of the people you want to talk to.

What we do at Wahoo Advertising digital marketing

Content marketing

Digital marketing changes constantly. That’s why we’re here. We are passionate about clever and engaging digital content that connects with customers, drives traffic and converts leads. We engineer meaningful online relationships using digital marketing tactics and creative content strategies that actually work!

What we do at Wahoo Advertising custom publications

Custom publications

In a world characterised by digital content, a tactile publication is a thing to treasure. Custom publications are the voice of your organization, they expand your marketing impact, optimise your brand exposure and enhance your customer experience.    Our experienced team of content creators and publishers look after everything from start to finish, planning to production, printing to distribution, to make sure your custom publication is perfect!

What we do at Wahoo Advertising photography and videopgraphy

Photography & video

Nothing brings your brand personality to life like a professionally produced audio visual. We shine the light on your people and products and what sets your business apart from the crowd. It’s your story and we’ll make sure it’s brought to life and remembered.

What we do at Wahoo Advertising, advertising


We build tailored advertising strategies to place your brand in front of the right audience, at the right time, on the right channel. From billboards to radio to social media, locally or internationally, we have all bases covered.



We’re fanatical about enriching ourselves with information and sharing our knowledge with others.  So here it is, hot off the press, a collection of some of our favourite acquirements.

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Feeling the love

Feeling the love…

1 February 2018
We love working with our clients and it makes us feel so proud of our close-knit team to hear just how much they love working with us!
Digital outsourcing

5 Reasons why you should consider digital agency outsourcing

10 January 2018
Employing agencies or freelancers means you get the best talent, without the financial commitment of full time wages and stress of developing a in-house team.
Researching 2017 social media trends

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Meet the team.

Janine McMillan
Peter Norris
Kristie Weaver
Client Service Manager
Emma Velthuis
Marketing Executive
Kate Cowley
Digital Marketer
Brett McAuliffe
Senior Graphic Designer

Wahoo’s creativity and attention to detail has seen our business evolve into a well presented brand within the marketplace. Their exceptional customer service has also been a valuable asset to us as owners of the business during a critical phase in our development. We look forward to a continued relationship with Wahoo to grow our brand even further into the future.

- Alex Kemp 

Director, HPartners


Wahoo’s lateral thinking helped us turn a vision into a successful reality. They are a dedicated group of people, all collaborating to exceed our expectations and ensure the best outcome for our business.

- Mark Woolf 

Chief Executive Officer, Tattersall’s Club


Wahoo provide well thought out, strategic marketing solutions that engage our target audience, drive traffic and build brand awareness. You don’t always get it right in marketing, however their “never shy away” attitude has been the basis of an invested and trusted business partnership that consistently points us in the right direction.

- Steve de Nys 

Head of Property & Advisory, Stronghold Investment Services


Responsive, flexible and accommodating, including when deadlines are tight. We have benefited from their long term relationships within the industry and their ability to leverage value from this.

- James Walsh 

Director, Deloitte Real Estate


With Wahoo you get the services similar to the much larger agencies but with stronger relationships, better service and affordable budgets.

- Michael Davoren 

Managing Director, RE/MAX Australia & New Zealand


When we need something to happen Wahoo always get it sorted for us, in no time at all. They really understand our business, plus they’re good people.

- Mick Hay 

Managing Director, Rimfire Resources


Their service is great and they really value honest, trusted relationships with their clients, always striving to exceed our expectations; nothing is too much trouble.

- Jodie Hope 

Human Resources, Glencore


Wahoo’s strategic thinking and great ideas help us to appeal to our audience and achieve our objectives. Dealing with the business Principals means the decisions are quick and advice is superior.

- John Ferris 

Managing Director, Ferris Management Consultants

Lets talk

We love welcoming new faces at Wahoo so please get in touch – we’d love to talk.

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