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Who we are.

A passionate, creative team brimming with advertising and marketing know-how, honed over decades of industry experience is exactly who we are.

Wahoo is an independent, privately owned marketing communications consultancy based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Our passionate, creative team comprises some of the brightest minds in the industry who think strategically, communicate openly and work as one to challenge the status quo.  We are respectful of budgets and time lines and take our responsibilities seriously.

We love what we do and have a proven track record from over 30 years industry experience. Our full service-offering means we can seamlessly deliver end-to-end marketing communications solutions. Our clients value the fact we pro-actively and regularly engage with them, share the same values and can be relied upon for unbiased advice and professional expertise.

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What we do.

We make things happen. We listen carefully and think expansively and creatively. We work hard alongside you and thrive on challenging the accepted to find innovative solutions that elevate your business and your brand – that’s just what we do.

What we do at Wahoo Advertising graphic design, copy writing and campaign development


What we do at Wahoo Advertising employer branding

Employer Branding

What we do at Wahoo Advertising website development


What we do at Wahoo Advertising media planning and buying

Media buying and planning

What we do at Wahoo Advertising digital marketing

Content marketing

What we do at Wahoo Advertising custom publications

Custom publications

What we do at Wahoo Advertising photography and videopgraphy

Photography & video

What we do at Wahoo Advertising, advertising




We’re fanatical about enriching ourselves with information and sharing our knowledge with others.  So here it is, hot off the press, a collection of some of our favourite acquirements.

How to Navigate Social Media Marketing in 2020

30 January 2020
With more than 3.2 billion users across a diverse range of digital platforms, 2020 brings more opportunity than ever to reach customers online.

Outdoor advertising in 2020 – BIG ads and creative hacks

30 January 2020
In case you haven’t already heard, outdoor advertising is a platform that has grown year on year, strategically adapting to the evolving advertising landscape.

How voice search is impacting your search engine visibility in 2018

23 August 2018
There’s a technology revolution and we need to talk about it.

Your guide to targeting baby boomers online

26 March 2018
Baby boomers represent well over 50% of Australia’s wealth, demonstrating their spending power over younger generations.
Colour psychology branding

Colour psychology: The importance of colour in branding

11 April 2018
The purpose of colour is to enlighten an audience, and therefore it requires a certain level of dignity in terms of application.
Branding 101

BRANDING 101: How often do I need to refresh my brand to stay competitive?

27 February 2018
There’s a good chance that your own personal style has evolved over the years so it makes sense that your branding would too.
growing business

5 Ways digital marketing can help you grow your business

19 February 2018
It's hard to imagine a business marketing strategy without a digital aspect – the aspect that allows you to reach your customers in the moment they are actively looking.
Business learning about social media marketing

Digital Marketing 101: When should you implement a social media marketing strategy for your business?

14 February 2018
Every brand needs social media marketing. 81% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase in-person or in-store.
Digital marketer creating an organic social media strategy

5 Organic social media marketing hacks that will increase your engagement online

27 November 2017
There is a huge difference between using social media... well, socially and using it as a business marketing tool.
digital marketer implementing hashtag strategy

Here’s everything you need to know about using #hashtags strategically

25 January 2018
Now that Instagram’s recent update allows users to follow specific hashtags we thought it would be the perfect time to revisit exactly HOW hashtags can be used… effectively.
Digital marketer using a chat bot

5 Reasons why chatbots should be part of your 2018 digital marketing strategy

25 January 2018
Today chatbots are much more sophisticated and incorporate some pretty high level Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Marketer filming woman storytelling

The secret behind branded storytelling

29 January 2018
Your brand story gives you an identity and personality, allowing you to connect with your target market and take them on a journey to your product or service.
Spotify self serve ad studio

Everything you need to know about Spotify’s self-serve Ad Studio

1 February 2018
ROI Measurable radio streaming is here (finally!) and it’s super easy to access thanks to Spotify’s self-serve Ad Studio.
small business implementing online marketing

Is your brand considered a Small Business? Here’s why you need to be visible online

1 February 2018
An online presence isn’t something that small businesses can consider optional anymore but many neglect the important part online marketing plays in their brand success.
Feeling the love

Feeling the love…

1 February 2018
We love working with our clients and it makes us feel so proud of our close-knit team to hear just how much they love working with us!
Digital outsourcing

5 Reasons why you should consider digital agency outsourcing

10 January 2018
Employing agencies or freelancers means you get the best talent, without the financial commitment of full time wages and stress of developing a in-house team.

Meet the team.

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Peter Norris
Kristie Weaver
Client Service Manager
Emma Velthuis
Marketing Executive
Kate Cowley
Digital Marketer
Emma McKimmie
Graphic Designer
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