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25 January 2018

5 Reasons why chatbots should be part of your 2018 digital marketing strategy


How often have you sat on the phone, listening to terrible music, waiting for a customer service representative to pick up the phone and answer your question (which takes you 5 seconds to ask)?

With this in mind, think of chatbots are your intermediary customer service representative!

Chatbots are often given a bad wrap because of earlier adaptions such as the automated customer service robots that help you navigate your way through those seemingly endless phone trees.

However, today chatbots are much more sophisticated and incorporate some pretty high level Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI is sometimes so good that many chatbots are indistinguishable from actual humans, portraying a warm and welcoming personality relevant to your brand.

Chatbots are a great addition to the top of your online marketing funnel and can be used to perform a variety of different functions related to customer service and interaction.

Here are 5 reasons why chat bots should be part of your 2018 digital marketing strategy….

Boost your customer service


Most of us are used to being able to do everything online – so bringing that instantaneous, easy to access platform for general or frequently asked questions is a big step forward when it comes to increasing customer satisfaction.

Consumer analysis


Get to know your customers on another level, optimise your sales funnel and evolve your marketing strategy with the metrics that chatbots provide.

Be proactive in your customer interaction


Most brands are great at responding to customer-initiated interactions, but a chatbot is ideal for reach out initiatives. For example, inviting a customer to sign up to an email list, asking them what has bought them to your website or social media page and if they need any assistance to find any information is a great way to initiate an interaction and the equivalent of greeting and approaching your customer in person.

Identify issues and improve your social media pages or website


Chatbots can reach out to your customers through simple questions and gather feedback that can provide value in optimisation operations and improve low conversion funnels.

For example, if you have a high traffic social media page or website with a low conversion rate then you could create a survey via a chatbot to identify any issues that may be hindering conversion.

Nurture your leads


You can use the information that chatbots collect about your prospects to create customised messaging that guides new leads along the purchase path, influencing movement in the right direction.


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