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4 December 2017

Your logo is more complex than you think!


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We recently sat down with our Senior Graphic Designer and creative guru, Charlie to talk all things branding and logo design so we could find out exactly what the process is behind designing the perfect assets for your brand.

“The process reassures people that what they are getting is what is right for their business” – Charlie



Firstly, we need to find out WHY you require a new brand, some influencing factors may include:

Starting a new brand


Refreshing an existing brand, or a

Full brand refresh




STEP TWO | Determine the target market

During the second stage of brand creation, we need to complete a thorough marketplace analysis to explore and understand your target market, audience, competitors and products or services.


STEP THREE | Ask Questions

We’re going to start asking some questions to make sure we are delivering the right assets for your brand. These questions may include:

What are you trying to create?

How do you want to be perceived?

And our all-time favourite, if your brand was a character then what character might it be?


STEP FOUR | Conceptualizing the logo

Yep, you guessed it – this is going to involve more questions.  This is when we’re going to make sure we are on the same page as your expectations and try to get into your mind and visualize what you visualize.

First we will gauge a general design direction…

Do you want a simple logo?




Is there a hierarchy in the way the brand is presented?

Does your brand include a tag line?

Do you have colour preferences?


STEP FIVE | Get the creative juice flowing

From manipulating colour psychology (is your brand organic, active and healthy – green may be the colour for you!) to choosing the right typeface and creating brand icons that can communicate a purpose or process effectively and efficiently, our artistic aficionado, Charlie will spend time designing the perfect asset for your brand.


STEP SIX | The tick of approval

When we present our designs to you, we would hand over 2 or 3 significantly different logos that will allow you to see a scope of options based on your brief.  From there we can refine and perfect before supplying you with a copy in every file format you could ever need.

After this brand asset development process, it’s time to get into the fun stuff… we can start creating stationary and digital assets to truly bring your brand to life.


“When it comes to branding, simplicity is key, that’s why I love the current Swiss Art School trend” – Charlie


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