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13 December 2017

6 Tips to keep in mind when it comes to DIY content marketing


Content marketing

As a business owner, developing, optimizing and growing a brand presence on social media should be top priority.  A digital presence is a necessary part of your marketing initiatives and provides a tool to educate and influence your customers to choose YOU over your competitors.

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We would always recommend an overarching social media strategy to ensure you share the right message, at the right time, to the right audience BUT to get you started we have curated a list of quick and easy tips and tricks you can apply when creating some DIY content with your smartphone.


Make sure that the photo you are taking and the message that you are communicating about your brand are consistent.

Embrace your audience

Your audience is your biggest asset. You can rely on your community to spread the word about your brand and provide honest (and instant) feedback.  If your customers are using your product, taking photos of it and sharing it on their social media channels then capitalize on their user-generated content as part of your strategy (and you will save time on content creation!)

Use natural light

Can’t justify spending money on fancy studio lighting or high-tech flash equipment? Shoot in natural light, it’s typically better than artificial light, and the best part is that it’s free!

Embrace the mood board

Spend some time consuming content and create some mood boards to get a better sense and direction for how you want your pictures to look, this will save you time and give your shoots a sense of direction.

Take lots of photos

Don’t be shy – take as many photos as you can.  Later when you are going through your pictures you might notice one stand out image, but now you have multiple images you can crop, filter and change to incorporate at different points of your content plan and show off your product from different angles or with emphasis on a certain detail.

Be socially aware

Make sure you’re aware of what’s going in the world and be mindful when you are posting content in times of crisis.


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