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29 November 2017

Demystifying the difference between Corporate and Marketing Communication


Marketing communication


It’s a revolutionary time for communication, not just in terms of the words (or emoji’s) we use but also how we communicate with each other.   So, in light of this we thought it would be important to take the time to get back to the basics and demystify some communication fundamentals that are unlikely to change any time soon; corporate communication and marketing communication.

When an organization needs to communicate a message to inform or persuade the public, consumers, investors, media outlets and other stakeholders it is considered Corporate Communication.  This type of communication is the voice that corporate institutions use to interact with the outside world and includes communications regarding investor relations, government relations, labor relations and employee development.

The primary focus of marketing communication is on a particular product or service that a corporation offers, whereas corporate communication is focused on the news, strategies or opinions of the corporation that makes that product or service.

Marketing communication ultimately influences a consumer’s purchase decision and is often specifically tailored to the segmented groups of an overarching target market.


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