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4 December 2017

5 Holiday marketing examples that will leave you feeling inspired!


Holiday marketing campaign

Thanks to festive holidays, annual Boxing Day sales and a tonne of creativity we have been able to share with you a compiled and nostalgic list of some of our favourite holiday marketing campaigns.

Air New Zealand Christmas Campaign lends Santa a helping hand

Kiwis are known to put their own spin on words, mixing up vowels and leaving the rest of the world pretty confused and Santa is one of them, so Air New Zealand kindly created their latest marketing masterpiece to demystify the New Zealand accent and make Santa’s job a little easier.

Krispy Kreme embraced the season of festive food with ‘12 Days of doughnuts’


Krispy crème set up a holiday campaign incorporating Christmas packaging, promotional videos, social media content and of course, Christmas doughnuts!

Holiday doughnuts


Edeka is a German Supermarket that reminded us what is important at Christmas


This tear-jerking campaign certainly creates a strong emotional connection and reminds us just what this festive time of year is all about – spending time with family!

John Lewis perfected the art of holiday marketing


A highly anticipated advert that definitely tugs at the viewers heartstrings. The entire ad runs as a short feature with a short but sweet promotional message in the last few seconds, the UK retailer’s ‘Man on The Moon’ certainly promotes the spirit of giving.

Qantas bought happy tears to our eyes with their ‘Bringing people home’ Campaign


One of our favourite holiday campaigns, ever! The video follows five actual passengers and their journey home to Australia where they were welcomed by loved ones.

Watch the full video!


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