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13 December 2017

What is life like for some of the internet’s most famous?


We all love a good meme and just in case you have been living under a rock or chosen to go MIA on the internet, meme’s are effectively culturally symbolic images or videos that gain momentum in terms of exposure as they are shared from one person to another via social media.

Now let’s get to know the faces behind the memes we love!

Meme 1: Ridiculously photogenic guy a.k.a Zeddie Little

photogenic guy internet meme

Meet Zeddie Little. A now internet meme sensation who happened to be running a 10k marathon when a photographer snapped a picture of him.

Where he is now?

Still making our hearts melt

What does he look like now?

man smiling internet meme

Meme 2: Scumbag Steve a.k.a Blake Boston a.k.a rapper Weezy B

that guy internet meme

Blake Boston probably had no idea that this seemingly innocent photo that his mum took of him would turn into the internet’s favourite punching bag.  Effectively, the meme alludes to “that guy” that we all know… you know? The one who always shows up to the party empty handed.  Albeit, Blake is seemingly a nice guy, just another innocent victim of Reddit and virility.

Where is he now?

wishing he was famous for his rap career instead of this meme

What does he look like now?

that guy internet meme

Meme 3: Disaster girl


disaster girl internet meme

An accidental photographic masterpiece turned global internet meme sensation.  In 2004 disaster girl and her dad were watching their local fire department perform a training exercise where he snapped a perfectly timed picture.

Where is she now?

still plotting revenge

What does she look like now?

disaster girl internet meme

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