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27 November 2017

5 Organic social media marketing hacks that will increase your engagement online


Marketer creating an organic social media strategy

There is a huge difference between using social media… well, socially and using it as a business marketing tool.

What works for your personal account is more than likely not going to work for your business account, especially if you are new to social media or wanting to grow your audience online.

If you want to unleash the true power of social media it’s important to include an organic (unpaid) content marketing strategy to support your promotions and increase engagement.

Here are 5 organic social media marketing hacks to help inspire creativity, boost your strategy and ultimately increase engagement and brand awareness.

Use emojis! 


Emoji’s are now a widely accepted part of our vocabulary, so it makes sense to include them in your social copy. Not only do they help to humanize your brand but they also demand attention as your customers scroll through their feed.  Larry Kim, Founder of Mobile Monkey suggests that using emojis in your social media posts will boost organic engagement and lower the costs if you choose to pay to amplify them.

Pin your best performing posts to the top of your profile


Be sure to use all available features at your disposal. Start by updating your cover photo to something eye-catching like a product image or a banner to promote your sale and strategically feature or “pin” a well-performing post to the top of your news feed to show off your engaged audience.

#Hashtag strategically


Using hashtags makes it easier for you to join in on discussions and events as well as help customers discover your brand BUT it’s important to make sure that you are using the right hashtags at the right time.

Platforms such as Hashtagify can help you to find popular hashtags relative to the one you are trying to target.

Also, keep in mind that hashtags perform differently per platform, for example:

Twitter  posts generate 21% more engagement with one hashtag than tweets with 3 or 4

Instagram  posts tend to see the most engagement when using more than 11 hashtags

Facebook  posts perform better without hashtags


Did you know that 82% of “I want to go” searches on Google are looking for a local business? Click HERE for more digital marketing statistics you need to know!

Interactive content


Get your followers engaging with your brand by creating quizzes that generate results your customers can share, for example “which game of thrones character are you?”

Our top pick for designing your quiz online is Playbuzz – it’s free and easy to use!

The power of memes


Memes have taken over social media, but there is so much more to them then we may think.  They are effectively relateable cultural behaviours that spread from person to person, giving them an innate virality that businesses can use.

So when you are incorporating memes into your strategy, remember that they are only as effective as they are culturally relevant – so it pays to have your market research down pat and know exactly who your customer is.

Ultimately, social media marketing should include curated content, product-related posts and automation where possible.

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