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30 January 2020

Outdoor advertising in 2020 – BIG ads and creative hacks


Hey “ad-blind” millennial I see you looking at that billboard, and why wouldn’t you? It’s impossible to turn off, you can’t apply an ad-block setting and it’s BIG. You have no choice but to notice it.

In case you haven’t already heard, outdoor advertising is a platform that has grown year on year, strategically adapting to the evolving advertising landscape making it the $1 billion p/a industry that it is.

A huge pro is the way outdoor advertising compliments a customer’s (literal) journey. These ads aren’t invasive in comparison to online advertising (no thank you, YouTube ads!). Billboard, bus shelter and streetscape advertising wont disrupt you or stop you from getting to where you want to go, in fact your commute may actually feel a little dull without them.

If you are new to outdoor advertising (which is essentially any advertising that is outdoors, far from realms of online, radio and TV), here are a few reasons why your competitors are (probably) doing it:

– To increase brand awareness within the local areas surrounding their business, or a geo-targeted location

– To stand out from competitors and drive customers to notice and engage with their brand

– To communicate new product or service launches

– To engage prospective customers and gain exposure as a trusted brand

OK, so you’re convinced. Outdoor advertising is the way to go, obviously. But, you want to do things differently.

Stand out with these creative hacks and make your billboard the best we’ve ever seen…

Contribute to Brisbane’s art scene with an ‘art-meets-advertising’ approach

If your brand wants to do things differently, go old school and turn your vision into a large scale, hand painted mural. Melbourne has been long known for its colourful laneways and creative streetscape, and Brisbane is catching up.

This approach isn’t just about the ad impact itself, but also draws attention as a creative memorable experience. While artists are recreating your ad, you can guarantee that passers-by are going to stop, take notice and possibly even share their experience on social media, creating a stronger recall value for your brand.

Make it digital

Technology fused with the traditional nature of outdoor advertising brings a whole new digital experience, disconnected from any personal device or computer screen. Whether you are wanting to add movement to an otherwise static ad, change the creative after a few days of your ad being live or communicate specific messages at certain times of day, outdoor has an option for you.


Talk to us about how digital outdoor advertising can work for you.

What happens when you get in touch?

Step 1: We will get all the details from you about your advertising needs

Step 2: Once we have everything we need, we will mock up the design and source the best outdoor deals

Step 3: We’ll get back to you with your obligation-free options*

Step 4: If it’s a HELL YES, we’ll organise everything on your behalf and your ad will be on the streets before you know it


Do it authentically – don’t push the sales pitch

Outdoor advertising may be the first interaction some people have with your brand, so make it one that they will remember (for the good reasons!). Think value-based rather than sales-focused.

Engage your audience through shared brand values, community initiatives, your point of difference/convenience, culturally relevant humour or a unique opportunity.





*all mock up designs are subject to copyright and will remain the creative property of Wahoo Advertising, unless purchased from Wahoo Advertising by the client. All prices are exclusive to Wahoo Advertising via media partnerships.

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