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30 November 2017

Here’s every reason why print is still alive… and kicking!


here is why print is still alive (and will never die) in terms of marketing.

Customised print

Times and trends may be changing, but one thing has remained from generation to generation and that is that print still has provenance. The fulfillment that we get when we turn a page in our favourite book and the satisfaction of seeing our magazine collection increase from issue to issue has continued to spark a connection that is deeper than a digital version

Print is tactile


Nothing quite compares to the sensory experience of flicking through the pages of a book.  Humans mark touch as an important aspect in the technologically advanced world we are all consumed in making the memorable attribution print bears hard to achieve in digital marketing.

Millennials love it!


Collective Hub magazine recently threw a spanner in the works when they produced their millennial-targeted custom magazine, which was (and still is!) a huge success.

Millennials at an American University have been quoted in saying “It’s not going off. It’s not making sounds, I like it!” when referring to books they were required to read for their courses.

The popularity was truly evident in the recent Pew Research statistics which showed that millennials have the highest print readership rate.

It stands out in a digital world


There is an unlimited amount of content online to distract audiences, so direct mail marketing offers smaller competition and has a greater chance of connecting with an audience long enough to make a conversation.  

Personification is another way to stand out.  Print will always win the attention battle when compared to personalised emails. We all like receiving something that feels like it was made just for us and when that something also includes features such as die-cutting, embossing, stamping, and special coatings we feel like the sender really cares.


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