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1 February 2018

Is your brand considered a Small Business? Here’s why you need to be visible online


small business implementing online marketing


An online presence isn’t something that small businesses can consider optional anymore.

BUT many small business owners neglect the important part online marketing plays in their brand’s success.


We live in a digital world and in Australia alone over 90% of people have internet access and spend an average of 3,360 minutes online per month!


So, you can guarantee that your ideal customer is out there exploring the digital world, looking for and being influenced by your competitors to purchase products or services just like yours!

If that isn’t reason enough to hijack the nearest internet-compatible device and get started on curating your social channels and search engine presence, then here are a few more reasons why digital should be a priority when it comes to your brand marketing.


  1. Your customers have so many choices and need to be consistently reminded that your brand exists. The great news is that there is a solution to this, which is to reach your customers where they are spending a majority of their time… and that’s online!

  2. There are so many online services and platforms that offer online solutions that compliment your in-store operations. This allows you to streamline your processes as well as provide convenience to your customers.

  3. If you’re short of time, there are tools available to help you manage your social channels. Hootsuite  provides a multi-channel post scheduling feature, social watching tools and reporting functions letting you save time by bulking tasks together on a weekly basis.


Now it’s time to get started and if you begin to doubt your new found commitment to your online marketing strategy then keep in mind that the internet influenced 64% of Australia’s total transactions (both in store and online) in 2017, which is only expected to grow as our lifestyles continue to become more digital.


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