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10 January 2018

2017’s social media trends and how they will pave the way for 2018


Researching 2017 social media trends

Are you part of the 96% of businesses that use social media to connect with customers? Now that it’s 2018 this almost seems like a silly question to ask as social media marketing has been a necessity for a successful online marketing strategy for over a decade.

So, to start the New Year we wanted to take some time to reflect on 5 social media trends that dominated 2017… and paved the way for 2018

Influencer marketing grew to new heights


The idea behind influencer marketing is simple – engage with people who are already respected and popular online, and you too can become more respected and popular through association. With the second highest ROI against measured marketing tactics in 2017, we can see why this trend is expected to grow in 2018 and beyond.

Move over Millennials. Brands began to shift focus to Generation Z


Brands always want to know what the youngest digital citizens are doing, and compared to Generation Z (people born during or after 1995), millennials are getting a little old in comparison to be considered a primary demographic. With close to $44 billion in purchasing power and the potential to shape how we use social media in the future, Gen Z should be considered an integral part of any marketing strategy in 2018.

What do we know about Gen Z so far? They are easily bored, prefer to remain more private than their millennial counterparts and are resistant to advertising – which makes them tough for brands to engage.

Chat bots gained popularity


Although not quite at their peak in terms of technology as they are easily distinguished from real human beings, Chat bots are a cost effective and efficient tool when it comes to an automated intermediary communication between brands and consumers.

Integrated buying opportunities emerged


Features such as Facebook Marketplace and in-app stores on Instagram created new avenues for brands to easily integrate their eCommerce platforms with social media and is a predicted growth area for 2018.

Content legitimacy stole the spotlight


With a growing focus on quality of content, social media platforms such as Facebook were forced to shift their focus towards content legitimacy and fight against “fake news” stories and suspicious advertising.  This demonstrates a commitment to protecting social media users against low quality content and will be a continued focus across all social media platforms into the future.


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