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1 February 2018

Everything you need to know about Spotify’s self-serve Ad Studio


Spotify self serve ad studio

ROI Measurable radio streaming is here (finally!) and it’s super easy to access thanks to Spotify’s self-serve Ad Studio.

In case you have been living under a music-less rock since Spotify launched in 2008, the application offers a music streaming service housing a variety of record label content from Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal. Music can be searched and filtered by album, artist, genre or pre-curated playlists.

Spotify offers an ad-supported service that is free for users to access as well as a tiered subscription model allowing users to listen to music sans the ads.

As of March 2017, 90 million of Spotify’s 140 million active monthly users were affiliated with the free service, leaving a reported 50 million (less than half of their user base) as paid subscribers.

Unlike traditional radio, Spotify provides an image and click through link to your designated landing page to create an interactive experience where engaged customers can immediately access more information about your promotion.

We’re sure that we can all agree – this leaves a lot of opportunity to reach your customers!

Before you get started, here are a few need-to-knows about how it all works…

At this early stage, there are not too many targeting options… but as the platform develops we can definitely expect this to grow. Currently, you can select a location, age, gender and as behavioural targeting you can select genres, playlists and platforms to best reach your customer.

The Ad studio has a minimum ad spend of $250.

You can upload your own audio ad OR upload your script and Spotify will voice record it and apply background music – for free. When developing your script make sure to make the most of the first few seconds by getting to the point quickly as well as incorporating a direct call to action.

I guess it goes without saying, we’re super keen to see the benefits of this service and the opportunities it provides for customer engagement and brand awareness.

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Looking to engage with your clients in a new way?

Placing an ad on Spotify Ad Studio is easy but creating a script that engages your audience is an art… and we’re here to help!

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