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26 March 2018

Your guide to targeting baby boomers online


Whether your business is product or service based, if you are questioning whether to include baby boomers as part of your target market demographic, then take some time to consider the following stats:

Baby boomers represent well over 50% of Australia’s wealth, demonstrating their spending power over younger generations.

Boomers spend more time (and money) on technology than any other generation.

Boomers continue to see technology and social media as having a positive impact on their lives.

What does this mean for businesses? Boomers are a potentially lucrative target market due to their higher than average disposable income and open mind towards our evolving tech world (inclusive of social media).

Which social channels are boomers using the most?

This is the good news – baby boomers aren’t hard to find in the digital realm, with their favourite social media hang out being Facebook.

In fact, boomers make up a huge portion of Facebook’s 1.3+ billion daily active users with 15% spending well over 11 hours per week engaging with content on Facebook.

This makes Facebook a prime place for marketers looking to reach older generations.

baby boomers online

You may be asking “But why do baby boomers prefer Facebook to other social media platforms?” Well, that’s because Facebook provides boomers with exactly what they want online, and it’s all easily accessible in one place.

The ability to communicate with family and friends, a space to share their opinions with likeminded people on relevant topics as well as read the latest news are all appealing factors of Facebook.

In addition to this, a huge 95% of boomers use email on a regular basis, making them prime candidates for newsletter opt-in’s and email marketing that will deliver your brand straight to their inbox.

When developing your baby boomer marketing strategy, keep in mind that boomers are less likely to access social media via mobile platforms, preferring traditional desktops in comparison to smaller screens.

What kind of content do boomers want to see?

Interestingly enough, baby boomers are the digital generation that is most likely to share content, so the more strategic you are about how you craft your message then the more shares you are likely to score.

The most popular topics amongst boomers are:

  • Travel
  • Politics
  • Finance
  • Insurance

This means that boomers are more likely to engage with content related to health, wealth and leisure in comparison to fashion and other trends.

In fact, data shows that boomers have no problem putting their beliefs on their sleeves and aren’t afraid to be shamed for their opinions which makes question based content such as quizzes or opinion pieces highly engaging.

Effectively, targeting your content to baby boomers means keeping it conversational.

Reaching baby boomers doesn’t mean a total overhaul of your marketing strategies, but rather some small tweaks to branding and messaging.


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