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27 November 2017

Website optimisation: It will make or break the connection between your brand and your customer


Website optimisation


We want your customers to feel engaged by relevant content and for your website to stand out from the rest, so we have listed the top 5 most common website optimisation mistakes that we tend to stumble across.

Don’t over-do it with colour


Keep to your branding guideline and remember that simple is often best when it comes to a user friendly experience.

Don’t incorporate unnecessary copy


Use visual icons to explain complicated processes and make sure your blog post copy is kept short and sweet to keep your website visitors engaged.

Don’t Fill your pages with keywords


We all know that SEO is important (and an art!). Don’t over-do it by filling your copy with keyword after keyword (in fact Google will just penalise you for doing this). Make sure you talk to us so we can set your SEO up for success.

Don’t make your visitors search for what should be easy to find


Make sure to map your website with user interface and user experience best practice in mind.  This way visitors aren’t spending time trying to find simple things such as your contact information.

Don’t use overly large files


Reduce your visitor drop off rate by making sure your website is super-speedy.  Use small files where possible and ensure the back-end development is optimised for speed.
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